• European, Asian and African workers are very responsible, efficient and very high Involved in assigned tasks dispassionate and friendly disposition, they are very loyal and honest.

• They usually adapt to any foreign environment and work culture, and learn quickly adapt with languages ​​such as English and more (e.g., in the case of Ukrainians, Philippines, India, Congo or Kenya.

Rhein-Main Conference Centre, Wiesbaden, 2019

The city of Wiesbaden commissioned us to revamp a piece of commercially available but awkwardly shaped land in downtown Wiesbaden to a new conference center. The main requirement for the space was to be modern but flexible so that it could cater to as many different fields as possible. 

Danske Bank Offices, Hamburg, 2020

Our most recent project for Danske Bank was finished months in advance. The bank wanted to establish their German presence in a nonchalant way, while injecting a fresh air of Scandinavian design and color to the surrounding environment. One of the top features of this project remains the intricate main reception hall, with its glass ceiling.